Dear parents and students,

Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics Registration is Open for the 2021-2022 season!

The 2020-2021 class schedule is available online and through the studio by email alya@inspirationrg.com or phone 201-394 3786.

Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics is ready and available to assist you in any registration needs.

Just like last year all new and previous year members are asked to register, or re-register through on-line link of inspiration rhythmic gymnastics registration portal. With On-line Registration you will be able to modify family and student information, view and enroll in classes, make online payments, view account ledger.

You can find the detailed registration instruction HERE.

Feel free to get in touch with coach Alya for any questions may arise.

On the registration portal page, you will be asked to enter basic information for you and the prospective student, along with an email/password combination that you will be able to use to log in in the future. This information will help us suggest some appropriate class/program options for your child!


Recreational/Beginner Program – Dancing  Stars (4-6 years old)

                                                            Rising Stars  (7- 11 years old)

                                                            Super Stars (12-14 years old)

Competitive Program –                    Level 3-4/xcell (2x a week)

                                                            Level 5 (3x a week)

                                                            Level 6 (4x a week)

                                                            Level 7-9 (5x a week)

2021-2022 class schedule you can find here.

Below you will find the Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics Payment Policy, along with Medical/Liability and Photo releases. These are to be signed electronically when you create an account with us.


All Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics School members are required to use automatic debit for monthly tuition. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express.  Accounts will be processed  on the 4th of each month. Annual tuition is based on 42 weeks of academic school year.

School Calendar: Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics follows an academic yearly calendar starting on the September 7, 2021 and ending on the June 25, 2022. We are also closed for classes on November 25th – Thanksgiving Day, December 24th – Christmas Eve, December 25th – Christmas Day, December 31st – New Year’s Eve, January 1st – New Year’s Day,  May 30th – Memorial Day.

2021-2022 Tuition Rates can be found  here.

Tuition is due each month regardless of attendance. We offer 4 make-up classes per school year; there are no prorating of tuition and membership fee for any missed practices, no discounts. Please schedule a make-up within two weeks  of missed class.

Monthly membership dues will be charged on the 4th of each month and continue to each month until the membership is cancelled.  A written notice must be submitted to management prior to the start of new billing cycle (BEFORE the 4th OF THE MONTH) to stop, change, freeze or cancel the membership. If a notice of termination is received after the new cycle, your payment is non-refundable, and your membership will continue until the end of your contracted term.. Monthly tuition rates are subject to change, but you will be notified of any change in your rate with the option to cancel in accordance with these terms.

Monthly tuition must be paid in full and on time. Any unpaid balance that is over 15 days overdue WILL terminate your child’s participation in any workouts, competitions or team events.

Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics School charges an annual  club $50.00 registration fee. The registration fee covers equipment maintenance and replacements costs, your gymnast practice insurance, various club functions. The registration fee is non-refundable and is added to your first tuition payment.

Private lessons are available to all Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics athletes. It is required to have at least one private or semi-private training session a month for all competitive gymnasts. These lessons are  essential for additional work on different training aspects such as a routine work, development  of skills necessary for future competition events. Feel free to discuss the possibility of private lessons with your child’s coach. The private lesson sign up sheet will be at the office in the Passaic Gym, or you email us to schedule your class.



I understand that the rules and regulations are designed for safety and protection of the participants and hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations set down by Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC, the Organizers, Host Club, Registered Club Personnel, Staff and/or Volunteers or agents, and the facility in which the activities take place. I understand that Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC does not give credit and/or refunds for class(es) missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, etc. I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child’s participation with Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC, and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.

In consideration of your acceptance of my entry to any of the above stated Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC sanctioned activities, I agree to be legally bound, and agree to Release, Save Harmless and Indemnify Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC, the Organizers, Host Club, Registered Club Personnel, Staff and/or Volunteers or agents, and the facility in which the activities take place, from and against all claims, actions, costs, expenses and demands in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to my person or property whatsoever and howsoever caused, arising out of, or in connection with my association with or entry in the above event or which may arise out of my traveling to or participating in and returning from the said event.


I hereby grant the INSPIRATION RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS LLC. the right to use, without penalty of any fee or charge, any photograph, videotape, or other visual or electronic media o myself taken during the Rhythmic Gymnastics course, event, or activity that are for the purpose of furthering the INSPIRATION RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS LLC. or sanctioned host organization objectives.

Privacy POLICY

The privacy of your personal information is very important to Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC. We will not sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third party. We will take special care to protect the privacy and security of your information.

This policy explains our information practices and the way that Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC collects and uses your information. This Privacy Policy covers the information you provide to us offline and at Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC web site.


When you register for classes at Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC, we collect contact information such as guardian names, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, e-mail address and student information such as student names, birthdays, medical conditions, and your comments. Some of the information is required and is noted with a red asterisk on the forms. This information is needed to manage studio business and will not be used or sold for any other purpose, except as described below. Some of the information is optional (NOT marked with a red asterisk). Optional information is requested to help us better understand our customers and is used only as needed for studio business. This information will not be used or sold for any other purposes, except as described below.



When you register, you are required to enter an e-mail address and a password. The combination of that e-mail account and password is used to ensure that only you have access to, and only you have the ability to modify, your personal information through Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC’s website. Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC office personnel have access to your personal information only to manage the studio business.

Inspiration Rhythmic Gymnastics LLC will access your personal information and/or share it with third parties only for the following purposes: (i) as needed for studio business; (ii) if required to do so by law or to comply with legal process; or (iii) to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of the public.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or if you wish to update or remove any of your personal information, please contact the office.


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