School in North New Jersey

offers Recreational and Competitive Programs for girls of 4-15 age


Our gymnasts work closely with our highly qualified coaches with practice hours ranging by level. These athletes represent Our Gymnastics Team by performing skills and routines at various competitions throughout the year.



The Beginners/Recreational program is a non-competitive program designed to develop fundamentals of rhythmic gymnastics, flexibility, coordination, and rhythm. This program offers 3 different groups based on the gymnasts’ age:
Super stars, Dancing stars, Rising stars.

Alsu (Alya) Oshepkova

Instructor and Head Coach

Received top rhythmic gymnastics competition awards from 1975 to 1985.
Coached gymnastic teams at state and national level competitions.
Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Physical Education and Athletics.
Obtained USA Gymnastics National Safety Certification.


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I fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics because it made me the person I am today. It has taught me discipline and strength both mentally and physically.

The best part of my time in rhythmic gymnastics are the life long friendships I have made with my teammates as well as my coach. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

This experience has prepared me to be okay with not always being the best.
A big part of rhythmic gymnastics are competitions. There were many times I was not always the best but what was most important is that I tried my best. As long as I do my best that is all that matters.

Michelle K

former student

I absolutely loved competing and working with Alya (the best coach I could’ve asked for)! She cares deeply about her students and works so hard every day to create an enjoyable environment in the gym.

The best part about being a member of the Inspiration team was getting to train and travel to competitions with your best friends!

Training with Alya and the entire Inspiration team has taught me the true meaning of hard work and how to push myself beyond my limits. The culture of this sport is forever instilled in me, now pushing me to persevere in school, at work, and in other areas of my life.

Daniela K

former student


Flexibility Training     Handling technique: Ball, clubs, jump rope, hoop      Participation in competitions     Having fun while getting flexible, strong, elegant


We recommend that all gymnasts have their own equipment. In rhythmic gymnastics, the competitors use five different pieces of equipment:

  • rope
  • hoop
  • ball
  • clubs
  • ribbon


All School members should attend every practice dressed in training uniform. Acceptable cloth – black leotards, shorts or leggings, and fitted t-shirts or tank tops.

No oversize clothing! No jewelry on the training floor!
Girls must wear gymnastic toe shoes. Hair should be pulled back in a ballet bun, short ponytail, and tight braid.